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Star-crossed, We Sing:
Choral Music for Sundays After Epiphany


The night He came
The stars swung low
And sang
As morning stars had sung
Creation’s morn.
So sing we now.
We sing the bright
And morning star
Shining among us,
Banishing our night.

from “STAR SONG” by Elizabeth B. Rooney

*   *   *

HERE’S A DIVERSE list of choral anthem suggestions for choirs of various sizes and abilities from the 2021 FAITHELEMENT.NET Worship Resources for the season of Epiphany Year B. Faithelement is a lectionary-based service for worship planners and church musicians. This list would be useful most any season of Epiphany, but was selected to fit the lectionary readings for the Sundays between January 10, 2021 and February 14, 2021.

Epiphany (January 6) features scriptural readings that reflect on the coming of the Light of the World, the birth and adoration of the Savior by the Magi. And the readings in the progression of Sundays following Epiphany (there are six this year), reflect on that light, and upon the life, teaching and the ministry of Jesus.

While COVID-19 has significantly challenged our world in general with a particularly silencing impact upon the world of choral music, the music on this list is tasteful, accessible, and inspiring. I’m sharing it because, while we’re star-crossed, we’re hopeful for the future nonetheless. You’ll find an indication of level of difficulty (Easy, Medium, Moderately Difficult).


David Bridges — O SPLENDOR OF GOD’S GLORY BRIGHT. (U/2-Pt, Kybd, opt. HBs) © 1991, Concordia, 98-2956 (E)
Charles Callahan — THE BAPTISM OF OUR LORD. (U/Descant, Org) © 1990, MorningStar, MSM-50-2003 (E)
Howard Hughes — YOU HAVE PUT ON CHRIST. (U/2-pt, Solo, Org, opt. 2 C-inst, Perc) © 1977, GIA, G-2283 (E)
Richard Proulx — PHOS HILARON (O GRACIOUS LIGHT). (U, Org) © 1977, Hinshaw, HMC-261 (E)
Bruce Saylor, arr. — WATCHMAN TELL US OF THE NIGHT. ( U, Org) © 2002, Paraclete, PPM00222 (E)
Carl Schalk, arr. — SEE THIS WONDER IN THE MAKING. (U, Org, opt. C-inst) © 1988, MorningStar, MSM-50-8400 (E)

Susan Borwick — AS JESUS WALKED INTO THE STREAM. (2-Pt [any], Kybd, opt. C-inst, Cllo) © 2008, MorningStar, MSM-50-9201 (ME)
Michael Burkhardt, arr. — THE LORD NOW SENDS US FORTH. (SA or SATB, Pno, Perc) © 2013, MorningStar, MSM-50-5412 (E)
Stephen Trappe — ETERNAL LIGHT. (2-Pt [any], Org) © 1989, MorningStar, MSM-50-9504 (E)
Tony Ward, arr. — SONG OF THANKSGIVING. (2-Pt [any], Pno) © 2020, Augsburg, 9781506465524 (E)

David Ashley White, arr. — WHAT STAR IS THIS? (2-Pt [any], Org) © 2001, Selah, 405-344 (E)

Andrew Birling, arr. — FOR YOU ALONE, O GOD, I WAIT. (SAB, Pno) © 2018, Augsburg, 978-1-5064-4716-2 (E)
Donald Busarow, arr. — ON JORDAN’S BANKS THE BAPTIST’S CRY. (SAB, Org, Ob) © 1984, Concordia, 98-2639 (E)
John Carter, arr. — LET ALL MORTAL FLESH KEEP SILENCE. (SAB, Kybd) © 1988, MorningStar, MSM-50-8320 (E)
G.F. Handel/Hopson, arr. — SING PRAISE TO GOD. (SAB, Kybd) © 1986, H. Flammer, D-5367 (M)
Johann Michael Haydn/Liebergen (ed.) — COME FOLLOW ME FOREVER. (2-Pt Mxd, Org, Fl) © 2001, GIA, G-4178 (E)
Michael Helman — THE WORD OF GOD (SAB, Pno) © 2005, Augsburg, 0-8006-7725-0, (M)

Deborah Holden-Holloway — JESUS CALLS US O’ER THE TUMULT. (SAB, Drm, Rec, Tamb) © 1996, Selah, 410-304 (E)
K. Lee Scott — KING OF GLORY, KING OF PEACE. (2-Pt Mxd, Org) © 1989 Concordia, 98-2728 (E)
David Sims — O LAUGHING LIGHT. (SAB, Org) © 2015, Augsburg, 9781451498929 (ME)

SATB (+)
Malcolm Archer, arr. — WE CANNOT MEASURE HOW YOU HEAL. (SATB opt. U, Org) © 2003, GIA, G-6128 (E)
Thomas Attwood — TEACH ME, O LORD. (SATB) © 1987, GIA, G-3045 (E)
John Ness Beck — CONSECRATION. (SATB, Kybd) © 1986, Beckenhorst, BP1250 (ME)
Ludwig van Beethoven — HALLELUJAH from Mount of Olives. (SATB, Kybd) Public Domain CPDL #21001 (MD)
Williams Billings — STOCKBRIDGE [LET THE REDEEMER’S NAME BE SUNG]. (SATB) © 1970, Belwin Mills, 2251 (M)
Fred Bock, arr. — I SING THE GREATNESS OF OUR GOD. (SATB, opt. Children’s Choir Kybd) © 1970, Fred Bock Music, G0120 (MD)
Michael Burkhardt, arr. — LORD, YOU CALL US. (SATB, Org, opt. HBs) © 2012, MorningStar, MSM-50-7800 (E)
James Chepponis, arr. GO FORTH AND PREACH THE GOSPEL. (U/or SATB, Org, Brass) © 2009, MorningStar, MSM-50-6005 (E)
Craig Courtney — THOSE WHO WAIT ON THE LORD. (SATB, Org, Brass, or Solo Tpt) © 1992, Beckenhorst, BP1389 (M)
Kenneth Dake, arr. — COME, YOU PEOPLE, RISE AND SING (SATB, Org) © 2012, MorningStar, MSM-50-2526 (M)
Lee Dengler, arr. — THOU TRUE VINE THAT HEALS. (SATB) © 1998, Concordia, 98-3479 (MD)
Alfred Fedak, arr. — CHRISTUS PARADOX. (SATB, Org) © 2000, GIA, G-5463, (M)
John Ferguson, arr. —HE COMES TO US AS ONE UNKNOWN. (SATB, Org, opt. Cong) © 1996, Augsburg, 0800656003 (M)
Rob Glover, arr. — PLENTY GOOD ROOM. (SATB, opt Pno) © 2004, GIA, G-6087 (E)
Elaine Hagenberg, arr. — THIS IS MY FATHER’S WORLD. (SATB, Pno, Vln) © 2016, Hinshaw, HMC 2494 (M)
Jester Hairston, arr. — I CAN TELL THE WORLD. (SATB) © 1959, Bourne Co., J2 (M)
Robert Hobby, arr. — I’VE JUST COME FROM THE FOUNTAIN. (SATB) © 2000, Ausgsburg, 9780800659196 (MD)
Herbert Howells — ALL MY HOPE ON GOD IS FOUNDED. (SATB, Org) © 2017, Oxford Univ. Press, 9780193415942 (ME)
Terre Johnson — HOPE IN ME. (SATB, Pno, Cl, Vln) © 2019, MorningStar, MSM-50-2014 (ME)
Richard Kent, arr. — I KNOW THE LORD LAID HIS HANDS ON ME. (SATB, Solos) © 1996, World Library, WLP 001080 (ME)
Austin Lovelace, arr. — WATERS OF CREATION. (SATB, Kybd) © 2004, GIA, G-5642 (E)

Michael Mauldin arr. — COME HOLY SPIRIT. (SATB, Pno) © 1999, Kjos, 8897 (M)
Felix Mendelssohn — HOW LOVELY ARE THE MESSENGERS from St Paul. (SATB, Kybd) Public Domain CPDL #06824 (MD)
Margaret Miller — THE SHEPHERD’S VOICE. (SATB, Solos, Kybd) © 1991, MorningStar, MSM-50-9035 (ME)
Undine Smith Moore, arr. — I BELIEVE THIS IS JESUS. (SATB) © 1977, Augsburg, 978-0-8006-4528-1 (MD)
David Music — NAME OF ALL MAJESTY. (SATB, Kybd) © 1999, GIA, G-4791 (E)
Gerald Near, arr. — THERE IS A BALM IN GILEAD. (SATB, Org) © 2004, Aureole Ed., AE140 (M)
Alice Parker, arr. — HUSH! (SATB) © 1994, GIA, G-4233, (M)
Lloyd Pfautsch, arr. — I’LL PRAISE MY MAKER. (SATB, Org, opt. Brass) © 1982, Hope. APM-110 (MD)
William Bradley Roberts — THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE. (SATB, Solos) © 2015, Augsburg, 978-1-4514-9901-8 (M)
David Schwoebel — SPEAK, LORD, IN THE STILLNESS. (SATB, Kybd) © 1992, Hinshaw, HMC-1225 (M)
Mark Sedio, arr. — NIMEMWONA BWANA [WE HAVE SEEN THE LORD]. (SATB, Solos, Perc) © 2004, Concordia, 98-3610 (ME)
William Henry Smith, arr. — WALK TOGETHER, CHILDREN. (SATB) © 1965, Kjos, 1012 (M)
Suzanne Toolan — THE CALL (TWO FISHERMEN). (SATB, Kybd) © 1971, GIA, G-5326 (E)
Christopher Tye — O COME, YE SERVANTS OF THE LORD. (SATB) Public Domain CPDL #49806 (M)
Gordon Young — FROM ALL THAT DWELL BELOW THE SKIES. (SATB, Org) © 1960, Galaxy, 1.2186 (E)



Michael Bedford, arr. — I SING THE MIGHTY POWER OF GOD. (U/2-pt, Org, FL, OB, HB) © 2000, Choristers Guild, CGA884 (E)
Roger Emerson, arr. — ELIJAH ROCK! (SAB, Pno) © 1998, Hal Leonard, 8551274 (ME)

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Victor C. Johnson, arr. — ELIJAH ROCK. (SAB) © 2020, Choristers Guild, CGA 384 (MD)

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Earlene Rentz — WAY DOWN DEEP IN MY SOUL. (SATB, Pno) © 2012, Choristers Guild, CGA 1280 (M)

John Horman — YOU ARE GOD’S CHILD. (U/2-pt, opt. SATB, Kybd) © 1991, Choristers Guild, CGA541, (E)
John Michniewicz, arr. — HALLE, HALLELUJAH. (2-Pt, Pno, Perc) © 1995, Choristers Guild, CGA 711 (E)
Mark Patterson, arr. — WITNESS (U/2-pt, Pno) © 2008, Choristers Guild, CGA 113 (E)
Ruth Elaine Schram, arr. — SWING LOW, SWEET CHARIOT. (U/2-pt, Kybd) © 2000, BriLee, BL 246 (E)
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