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Ginger, 2006-2020



I wait halfway, O Lord.
I’m not up, nor down.
I’m between. I own no
lofty thoughts and I’ve
been lower. I’ve climbed
the heights and sunk to
the depths, but now I’m
content to rest with you
here in the middle. Help
me to be encouragement
to those in ascent and
consolation to those
going down, knowing
you, too, have been both
up and down. Selah.

— after Ginger, June 24, 2018


I wrote this psalm and posted it on Facebook two years ago today. It was inspired by the moment captured in this photograph of my dog, Ginger, who always had an even keel and preferred situating herself between those she loved. The picture and the words seemed to match her general disposition perfectly.

Two days ago, she passed after nearly 14 wonderful years, and I shared the news yesterday on Facebook —  where I posted most of my writings about her. Today, the post returned as one of my Facebook memories. I thought I’d share it here with gratitude for Ginger and for the way that she inspired me to see God in the world.

The steps have been painted, by the way.