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“Praise with elation; praise every morning,
God’s recreation of the new day!”
— Eleanor Farjeon, 1931


Morning Has Broken

warrenhowell · “Morning Has Broken” | Chuck Marohnic, arr. | Maureen Howell, piano


Of the new day . . .


During the loss, the doubts, and the discords in this difficult and contentious season, may we find comfort in a place of peace this evening, trust in a quietude that is itself a word, and hope in the faithful stars overhead that promise TOMORROW.

This reflective and tasteful setting of BUNESSAN, (a traditional Gaelic melody) reminds us of the hymn, “Morning Has Broken.” The jazz-styled music gives the sense of looking equally with contentment upon the day completed and trust in the one to come.


And now a word from one of our sponsors:


It is necessary
for me to see
the first point of light
which begins to be dawn.
It is necessary
to be present alone
at the resurrection of Day,
in the solemn silence
at which the sun appears,
for at this moment all the affairs
of cities, of governments,
of war departments,
are seen to be the bickerings of mice.
I receive from the Eastern woods,
the tall oaks, the one word DAY,
which is never the same.
It is always in a totally
new language.

— Thomas Merton

May new language come to bring you in the night, peace, and in the morning, another day of grace. Amen.


Maureen HowellMaureen Howell serves Crestwood Christian Church, Lexington, KY as Office Administrator & Pianist and has been posting these wonderful audio reflections weekly on their Facebook page.